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Frontallobe dementia

Posted by @mandyjo in Brain & Nervous System, Nov 23, 2011

My father at a young age of 62 was just diagnosed with Frontallobe dementia. I was wondering if anyone has or had a family member or friend go thru this.


Posted by @alexsimon, Dec 30, 2011

Hello Mandy Jo -
I am unsure if you are aware of this but Mayo Clinic has some information available online at:

Also, if you would like to request an appointment to see a Mayo physician at one of our 3 sites, please click in the "Request an Appointment" link in the upper right hand corner.


Posted by @gapeach, Jun 17, 2012

Hi Mandy, my husband also has ftd he got it around 66, it only gets worse, but I go to group meetings and also have him in day care, and he loves it, so 3x a week he goes, but you have to look for one that has men not just women, just keep looking and get good DRS From Ga Peach

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