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Friend suffering from back pain

Posted by @billy61987, Apr 5, 2012

My friend had surgery about 1 year ago at LSI in Tampa, Florida and he is still not fully recovered and experiences at times excruating pain. About 6 weeks after the surgery LSI told him to ride the recumbent bike instead of getting into a physical therapy program and he ended up riding the bike for a longer period of time then he should have. His back got very inflamed and finally calmed down enough for him to get into a physical therapy program in September of 2011. During the time he was at physical therapy he was constantly getting hurt due to over training by both himself and the physical therapist. When he started at this pt place back in September he was able to sit, drive, walk, and stand in one place and now he his unable to do any of the four as of now. He decided to leave that pt place in February and get an MRI. The MRI showed nothing and he went to see Dr. Bono in Boston, MA, and Dr. Cielo in Cranston, RI, and both concurred it was all muscle and he had to strengthen up the core muscles and he would be able to get back into daily activity. Mt friend has just started at a new pt place and as of now he cannot sit, cannot drive, walk for more an several minutes, and cannot stand in one place. in your opinion do think there is a correlation between what happened to him at pt as to the reason why he is in the state that he is in? Is it possible for the muscles to essentially get that weak where they fatigue quickly? In your estimation do you think that both surgeons are correct based on what I am telling you? Do you think he will be able to get back into daily life functioning? How long in a case where the muscles are so weak like his could it take for hime to resume his normal activities. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance for your help.



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Posted by @dreamin1037, May 10, 2012

Hello there, about 3 years ago I also had back surgery. I have not fully recovered from that. In Oct. of 2011 I had to leave my job sitting at a desk because I could not function between the pain and the lack of sleep. In January my surgeon had me try a bone stimulator divice becuase he believed that my bone never fused back together like it should have. It started to work, after 3 months I am back to where I was before. Still unable to work or stand for long periods of time. I am not sure what kind of suregery your friend had, but if he had a fusion done. You might have him talk to his doctor about the bone stimulator belt. I am possibly looking at having to have surgery again. My surgeon wanted to replace the disk but due to insurance they wouldn’t let him unitl I had a fusion. I wish your friend the best of luck. I konw how he feels and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

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