Exercise options to build strength after gastroparesis diagnosis

Posted by gegrafton @gegrafton, Oct 12, 2020

Am a lost for words. Diagnosed after numerous years of syncope episodes due to an aggravated vagus nerve that gastroparesis is the cause. Taking metaclorpan, beginning diet plan, but need to exercise to build my strength/weight back (lost 30+lbs. in 5 yrs.) Any suggestions without causing more pain than usual (also a 1yr recovering hernia surgery).

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Hi @gegrafton, in order to distinguish your discussion from other gastroparesis conversations, I changed your title to reflect the nature of your question to other members. I am so glad your medical team was finally able to provide a diagnosis after numerous years of your syncope episodes due to an aggravated vagus nerve. I would like to invite @montgomery41, @ken82 and @jlfisher56 as they all have gastroparesis due to nerve damage as well. @hgarm and @ken82 have also mentioned gastroparesis and perhaps can provide insight on their new routines.

I would like to share the following article that may offer some information for you.
Exercises That Can Help Alleviate Gastroparesis Symptoms: https://www.alterg.com/treadmill-training-rehab/athletics/exercises-that-can-help-alleviate-gastroparesis-symptoms#:~:text=Walking%E2%80%94Simple%2C%20yes%2C%20but,start%20appetite%2C%20and%20stimulate%20digestion.

@gegrafton, did your healthcare provider offer any information regarding what good exercises help reduce pain and build strength? What areas are most painful that you think should be avoided or monitored closely?


My gastroparesis is due to damaged or severed vagus nerves. I am still 90 pounds less than my pre-gastroparesis weight. It's a daily battle to maintain weight. I don't exercise per se, but I try to be active. I have developed fibromyalgia which makes consistent activity difficult. My best advice is to push yourself, but listen to your body and don't overdo it as that will set you back. I am still learning this the hard way. Every day tasks like lawn mowing build strength and the lawn mowing can be completed over several days if you need to. Its also leaf raking season and that is a good way to be active. I look forward to tips others have to offer as I struggle with maintaining weight and strength, too.


@rossjt My gastroparesis is also due to surgery (Nissen) where some of the hairnet like system of nerves that make the stomach empty were damaged. The surgery was NOT done at Mayo, but the diagnosis was after the Central Iowa clinic failed to find the problem. I lost 50# in about 2 months, down from 196 on a 5'-10" frame. Mayo gave me a way to cope, and I have gained 30 pounds back again …that took nearly 5 years. My logic is that since most people exercise to lose weight that exercising makes my battle to gain weight harder, so I do not exercise to sweat etc…. Now I walk and do my lawn work .. normal lifting and daily activities, but going to a exercise class or gym is out… It seems as if I am eating small meals…snacks and such.. every time I go through the kitchen.. and having weight back gives me the weight in case I get something else… I am 83 now .. and I am hoping to live at least a few more years.. so I am careful in this pandemic.

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