Free at last free at last: no more oxycontin, no more tramadol,

Posted by jdiakiw @jdiakiw, Dec 2, 2022

And no more codeine yet with all my co-morbidities, I was told I had one year at most without open heart surgery but I would not survive it. So I'm pain free but waiting to die

With all lights flashing.

I’m leaving soon
With all lights flashing.
I’ve never felt so sure.
So sure I beam
Brighter than ever.
My body slips away, as my spirit soars
Buoyed aloft by hundreds of my students words
My travel buddies, friends.
By memories.

I’m bursting with life!
I’m weeping with joy
So sure of life, of living,
Of loving proudly, deeply.
I shout out, again and again. .
I love. . . I love you . . .
You. . . And you . . And you.

Loving deeply, deeply loved.

Don’t you know yet?
it’s your light that lights the world (Rumi )

On lab reports I’m dead.
but I still thrive.
I still burn bright.
in life’s final stage.
A day , maybe a year,
even more.
But however long it is …
Tis’ a final glorious light show,
Of one man’s life in the cosmos
It is just a flicker in time.
. . . it is an ending.

I’m still telling my stories
I’ve more stories to tell
I’m still loving,
With more love to give,
More joy to share,
More tears to cry

I’m leaving soon
With all lights flashing,
still shouting, — I love you, I love you. . .
and you. . . and you . . and you.

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love your zest for what's left. I too will not be defined by my afflictions! I enjoyed your poem very much!


So very touching. At first, a few tears came, yet as I read, I realize you’re telling the story of many of us whom can’t express what we feel as eloquently as you. There is peace in the acceptance. May your time left, whatever that may be, be filled with love, joy of the beauty of life and those we love, and laughter.. God Bless.


Regardless of when we believe we will die. Always live life to its fullest extent possible, as you have narrated.


How lucky you are to be planning it on your own terms. I hope to be able to do the same things too when I’m closer. I’m a retired nurse of 40 years and encountered a great deal of dying professionally. I nursed my in-laws thru their deaths too. I loved your poem and zest for life as you face your final frontier, to borrow a phrase.


And she said, “I did it my way……!!” Lovely…yes lovely!”


Absent from the body, present with the Lord. A new beginning that last forever pain free and all love.

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