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Found out that apparently the docs I've been seeing for back pain

Posted by @drewr, Apr 9, 2013

Found out that apparently the docs I’ve been seeing for back pain for the better part of my 20’s all missed not only the first major issue I’ve found since originally visiting Mayo’s PRC, but also a second, equally severe (requiring only an X-Ray to spot……) syndrome affecting exactly the area I’ve been pointing to for all these years. Literally, the last doc before I found this out said “Hmmm…well your lower back muscles must be extremely tense, because this feels like bone, but there aren’t any bones there.” Well, Doc, yes, yes there are, when you have a syndrome that causes extraneous bone growth at L5-S1, which bone then presses quite painfully on the nerves between it and the pelvic bone against which it daily grinds away.

Kind of pissed about this one, have to be honest.


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