Foul Smelling Feces, Rectal Cancer

Posted by jmy75 @jmy75, May 31 7:53pm

How common is this? Of course our feces smell but when my dad (rectal cancer since 2021) goes to the bathroom the smell is so strong and pungent the whole house smells like it. When I'm upstairs in the middle of the night I know when he gets up to go to the bathroom because I can smell it in my room.

He could never smell things but it's overwhelming.

Anyone with rectal cancer have this issue?

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@jmy75, I remember this with my dad too. It was overwhelming. I found that it was particularly foul smelling while on chemotherapy. Remind me, is your dad currently in treatment?


Dad is not in treatment. Idk if the smell is from the cancer itself or something going on in his colon. It's hard to get the smell out of his underwear

I think in addition to rectal cancer dad has crohns or ibs or something. It's tough trying to keep on top of all this.

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