For 3 or more weeks now the strange feelings in my right [...]

Posted by Shari Freeman @catzilla, Dec 20, 2014

For 3 or more weeks now the strange feelings in my right foot and calf have moved up my leg to now include my hip. The pain level has been a steady 8 most of the time with intermediate shooting or stabbing pains across thigh under knee cap. numbness that does not stay on an area for long but moves up or is replaced by tingling at the same time my leg feels like it is deeply bruised. When I touch any part of my leg the pain is felt in other parts of leg or top of foot. So many types of pain at the same time. The only relief I have found , the only place I can rest is when I lay in the tub with the leg that hurts facing up, I put the shower on very hot with pulsating shower head aimed right at my hip. The water has to be very hot. Much hotter than I would ever be able to stand for if taking a shower or tolerate washing dishes. My leg becomes beet red eventually, but with the lights off in the bathroom I sleep deeply wonderfully until the water cools down enough to wake me so I can turn the heat back up. Walking did make my hips hurt like mad and make my legs feel heavy a couple days before this all began. Also I woke up to my right foot cramping so bad my toes crossed over each other and down while my calf spasmed so tightly seeming to try to bend my foot outward and up toward my ankle like it wanted to snap off. It took a long time to get my toes to relax enough to pull them toward my chin. When I sit my hip hurts most but the pressure from the chair under me causes pain in / on my hip and thigh. Laying in bed intensifies aching throbbing shooting needles numbness . When I touch my thigh or top of foot or where ever , other areas light up with pain as if some how connected.Tenderness of skin bruised feeling (no bruises) all of the symptoms move around. There are slightly higher or tighter areas on my thigh that I find myself lightly rubbing trying to sooth the pain but the touch of one area causes another kind of pain or discomfort in surrounding areas. My skin hurts to touch and hurts to un touch. Putting pressure on my foot hurts all the way to my hip and taking pressure off of my foot causes another kind of ache all the way up my leg. My feet and ankles have been swollen in the past. However, they’ve had zero swelling during this long painful time. I am type 2 diabetic smoking much less with good blood pressure and no heart problems. I’m 57 on 2 kinds of insulin Blood work has shown nothing. Dr gave me vicodin did not touch the pain. Flexeril took the edge off in the ER but so far nothing has taken the pain away or even masked it enough to give me a break from this ordeal. They ordered an MRI but the insurance is not quickly approving this diagnostic procedure. I have been to the ER twice Urgent care twice and started seeing a primary care doctor who is just as baffled by the many symptoms. I know this is a very long question. Thank you for taking the time if you got this far.

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