Foot fat atrophy and hammer toes

Posted by gocy @gocy, Nov 10, 2021

The fat protecting the bones in my feet eroded. Walking with various supports as well as orthotics are of no help.
Furthermore, my hammer toes make matters worse.

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I must say that I find the memory foam or gel shoes and orthotics better for my bony, arthritic feet with bone spurs than any prescription orthotic I have tried.
Have you tried the Skechers John recommended yet?

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Sue, thank you.
No, I have not tried Skechers. I am open for any recommendations to make walking comfortable again.


@sueinmn I totally agree and they're much less expensive too!


I will sure check them out! My long, skinny feet need a break. Thanks you!


I have arthritis in the small bones of my feet and finally had to have a fusion of one of the metatarsals and the adjoining cuneiform bone in the right foot. Not a surgery I want to repeat on the left foot. No bunions however. I love Skechers slip-ons but for anything but short walks I wear lace up athletic shoes with custom orthotics plus a carbon plate under the orthotic on the left foot. It reduces flexion of the bones.
However, I still have some pain from lack of cushioning so I’ve bought various products from They carry gel cushions that stick to the ball of my foot plus toe and bunion separators. Check them out to see if anything they have might help with cushioning and protecting your feet.
Hope this helps in your situation!

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I love my Zen Toes!


Thank you for sharing. Yes, I have zentoe products The toe separators seem to help. Right now I have a new pair of orthotics to try to get used to. I also use gel cushions and callous protectors. I never thought I would have these kinds of feet problems. I had been a fast walker. I still go to a fitness center several times a week hoping that will keep me from more decline. Podiatrists have not been helpful over the years.

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I agree strongly that podiatrists have not been helpful.
I have foot fat atrophy and hammer toes.
I also have a bunch of orthotics that haven't helped.
As you do, I go to a fitness center Monday through Friday and use a recumbent and weights. I don't know if this is warding off worse issues.
I am open for suggestions and willing to go anywhere for help.

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