Food Poisoning

Posted by Fanny @fanny, Jul 29, 2011

Last Sunday, after having lunch at a local Vietnamese restaurant, I developed severe diarrhea, which overnight turned into violent watery eruptions with high fever – 102.6 was the highest. Only slight nausea, lots of abdominal cramping. I was unable to eat or drink for 24 hours, then started to drink water and electrolyte beverages but no solid food. It has now been 4 days, the fever finally broke this morning and then returned this afternoon with a low grade temperature. I have been able to eat saltine crackers and apple sauce. I have intermittently taken ibuprofen, tylenol w. codeine, and I started Cipro yesterday morning. Friends suggested I go to the ER, but I had no bowel control, there was just no way. A RN friend stopped by and started a NS iv to rehydrate me, which helped. I am able to get around but am weak and still have severe cramping several times a day.
After reading up on the subject of food poisoning, I tend to think it’s salmonellosis – has anyone else had a similar experience? Also, I want to notify the health department about the incident, would they even pay attention?

My 4 year old had the same exact symptoms and after 24 hours of servere diarrhea and vomiting and then a high fever, i took him to the
ER, the doctor told me that if i waited that he could have died, he had really bad salmonella poisoning ( from a Mcdonalds Hamburger,, ). He had violent diarrhea for 1 week, He was hospitalized for this week, and given an IV the entire week ( i don’t know what they gave him,,)

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