Food particles in small airways from aspiration from trauma

Posted by bassman @bassman, Feb 8, 2019

16 yr old daughter. Hit by car. Lung obstruction in small airways. Biopsy shows inflammation and plant based material. They think lettuce from Subway sandwich ended up in small airways from aspiration. Working w Boston Childrens. They said they have never seen this before and they diagnosed her with Obliteran but say she isnt truly that either. Not getting worse. Stayimg the same for a yr now at FVC around 55% and FEB1 at 39% . They dont know how to treat the cause which is the plant based material encased in inflammation cells. They can see body trying to break it down. We have tried pulse high dose steriods, immune suppressant drugs and IVIG therapy. Nothing has helped. Thinking of Lung lavage or lung washing next. Anyone????

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Hi @bassman that must be so difficult to watch your daughter struggle and having no luck finding a way to help her.

I wanted to introduce you to @pfists and @irene5 have had a lung lavage and may be able to offer support for you. @windwalker may be able to add to that support, and can help provide more information on what this procedure entails.

Back to your daughter @bassman, how is she feeling? Also, how are you handling all of this?

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