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Food Intolerance

Posted by @mriley in Digestive Health, Nov 4, 2012

I have Celiac Disease along with multiple food intolerances including corn, soy, dairy. I also have a shellfish, legume, and almond allergy. I don't have much to eat and everything I do eat bothers my intestinal system. Is anyone else suffering form this? My qulaity of life is being affected. I'm at my witts end as to what to do. I have been toall kinds of doctors, nutrionists, tried all kinds of viatmins and enzymes.
Any suggestions?


Posted by @punkynance, Nov 5, 2012

My husband has suffered from severe IBS for years. He has seen numerous Specialists (Gastro) for the past 20+ yrs. He has been tested for many intestinal diseases. He has lost many years of living a pain free dibilitating life because of the IBS. Like you he could not eat much of anything-mainly plain chicken,rice and few overcooked vegetables. Food allergies and intolerances (fruit,wheat,milk,ect)
He suffers from HBL and High cholesterol, so many of his conventional meds cause him more bouts of diarrhea. The only choice for him was unconventional medicine, since he has tried everthing else w/out any promising outcomes. Homeopathic medicine is the only thing that is working for him. (Medicine called-Psorinum) If you need more specific info about this or how he gets it, feel free to reply back to us.
Thanks- Punkynance


Posted by @mriley, Nov 5, 2012

Yes, thanks I would like more information. I feel like I have tried everything but I'm willing to try something else!

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