Focal active colitis with lamina propria hemorrhage

Posted by gettinby @gettinby, Apr 7 11:15pm

Starting in November I have been experiencing extreme nausea belly pain vomiting weeks at a time. I have been unable to eat or keep food down. Weeks of diarrhea. This has been going on now for SIX months. I’ve had my appendix taken out. That wasn’t the problem. I had an endoscope that came back normal. I had a gastric scan, that too came back normal. Finally had a colonoscopy with biopsy and the results were, focal active colitis with lamina propria hemorrhage. That was two months ago. The only way I even know the results is because I went to the dr office to physically get them. They have scheduled me for a follow up 4 months from the date of the colonoscopy!! I’m still in pain, still having symptoms. I’ve already contacted a new dr. I really just want to know what this diagnosis means. Is there something I should be doing in the meantime? Any help would be appreciated

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@gettinby, I'm glad that you are getting a second opinion. Colitis is a general term used to describe inflammation in your large intestine, or colon. There are many factors that can cause inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

This article from Mayo Clinic provides some lifestyle suggestions that you may wish to consider:
– Inflammatory bowel disease

I'm tagging @astaingegerdm @lighthouseceliac to see if they have some tips to share. You might also appreciate this discussion that @hopeful33250 started:
– Fodmap Eating Plan

You may wish to check with your doctor before making dietary changes.


You are doing all the right things. Getting to a Doctor that takes the time to listen is everything.
I don’t know what I would have done without my doctor. She is incredible, I have no other words to describe her except she is my hero. Dr. Harris at Scottsdale AZ Mayo Clinic.
Food is so tricky, it is a tough mental game. Get to a nutritionist as soon as you can to encourage your food issues. I take gummy vitamins and a good probiotic that helps.
Stress is at the heart of these diseases. Try to read ways to identify and ease your everyday stresses.
This will take time, be patient with yourself. With the right care and meds you can function again. It is a lifelong battle, never give up getting the best care.

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