Florida Question- Saturday appointments?

Posted by kaspinwall @kaspinwall, Aug 28, 2018

Hi! I have my initial intake appointments this Friday morning, and am trying to decide whether to fly home Friday evening since I have nothing in my itinerary until the following Tuesday. Before I book flights,(having never been to Mayo before) I wanted to find out whether there was any possibility that I'd be booked for a Saturday or Sunday appointment based on the outcome of my intake… Any insight would be appreciated! 🙂

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Ugh. Never mind! :))

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kaspinwall, Welcome to Mayo Connect. You must have found the answer to your question already. I hope that your appointment schedule works out for you and that you will have safe and satisfactory trip.
How did you locate the information that you were looking for?


@kaspinwall I was just there Monday and Tuesday. So if you have any questions about the Jacksonville clinic. I will be happy to answer them for you.
And depending on what you are heading to Mayo Clinic for. There is a chance they would schedule you for something over the weekend. I had extra scheduling added on one of my first visits. You need to speak with the a nurse in the department you are visiting and see what she says. They may also wait till the following week too. It just depends how serious of a matter you going there for?
I wish you the Best with your appointments,,

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