Five days ago at around 4:30 I took the first 20 mg [...]

Posted by Susan Replogle @susirep, Dec 13, 2014

Five days ago at around 4:30 I took the first 20 mg tablet of Viibryd from a sample pack my Doctor gave me for depression. I noticed in the evening that my eyes were puffy and extremely tired. Next morning took the second 20 mg tablet…made me very tired and eyes were blurred. Went to bed at 7 pm. A friend called me at 8 pm. By then I felt drugged out of my mind, could barely open my eyes and my speech was slurred. My friend called an ambulance. When it arrived the medics couldn’t awaken me from my drugged sleep. After calling an ER doctor, they said I should just sleep it off and stop taking Viibryd. None of these professionals had even heard of Viibryd. I slept for 36 hrs. Straight. Since awakening, I have felt sick to my stomach,diarrhea, dizzy, headaches. But the worst and most constant is the change in my vision and equilibrium. My signt is blurry,my eyes are puffy. Driving is impossible because of a kind of tunnel vision that made me terribly dizzy and nauseous. On this fifth day my eyes are still blurry and I am dizzy and cannot function well. Help me…it is Christmas and I can do nothing but lay on the couch. What shall I do?

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