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Fish Oil and Colorectal Cancer

Posted by @golfgal, May 1, 2013

I read an article from Mayo that says “use cautiously in patients with …., and in patients at risk for colon cancer based on potential adverse effects associated with fish oil.” However, they did not state the adverse effects. I was diagnosed with rectal cancer in 08, in 2011 mets to sigmoid lymph nodes. Folfox 6 + Avastin for mets then surgery followed by Folfox 6 w/o Avastin. NED since finishing chemo. I’m taking USP grade fish oil every other day (360 mg) and Schiff USP grade krill oil (500 mg) every day in order to meet the Mayo guidelines of .3-.3 grams of EPA and DHA. They recommend .8-1.1 grams of alpha-linolenic acid daily which I accomplish with nuts and olive oil. I was wondering if anyone has some input. I’ve not yet heard back from my oncologist on his opinion. I take no NSAIDS. If further information as far as other supps is warranted, I will be happy to provide the information. Thank you. Golf_Gal.


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