First time post, trouble breathing

Posted by snshnerocks @snshnerocks, Sep 17, 2022

So for the past couple months I have been noticing a shortness of breath when physical. I am fine when not active but doing common chores can leave me feeling light headed, very hot, excessive sweat, dizzy, headaches and tight feeling chest. It really hits me when I stop to rest though and some times it's hard to know I've overwhelmed until then. I have had two different chest xrays, lots of bloodwork, ecg, and a pulmonary test. Doctors say they can't see anything of concern yet I still feel like I'm struggling to get enough air. So I'm here looking for anything that could help me point the doc in a better direction.

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Have yiu eber has monomucleosis/


Have the doctors done X-rays or mri to check for blood clots? I had severe shortness of breath last year. It came on quickly. Went to ER. Lung xrays and cat scan showed a large clot in both lungs. Rushed to surgery where 15 clots were removed from both lungs.
Demand a mri!!!
Good luck!

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