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First, I feel for you. On top of being a busy Mom

Posted by @mare, Jan 3, 2012

First, I feel for you. On top of being a busy Mom your health issues are a lot to deal with. Don’t give up! I tried all the medications with various side effects which I felt were worse than the symptoms of fibro so now I’m on nothing. What does work for me? Deep tissue massage, walking, faith, hope, friends who can make me laugh when I’m down. Have you tried acupuncture? I have been using acupuncture for over 2 years and it does help me. I also meditate, take things one day at a time and when it all becomes too much I take a break, do deep breathing and remind myself that I’m strong and will get through this. Believe me, it took a long time to get to this point. I also work with a therapist who has helped me put all of this into perspective. Keep in touch and don’t forget to breathe and take time for yourself. @fibrosufferer


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