First appt

Posted by danybegood1 @danybegood1, Apr 3, 2017

I have my first appt tomorrow with an endocrinologist. I have felt so bad the last 3 days. I sent my pcp a cry for help over the weekend. Hahaha. No answer. They probably don’t know what to do with me. All i know is i need some relief from muscle and joint pain, the itching that goes on and on. My upper back is almost a solid scab from scratching. I may not be dyeing (sp) but my quality of life is seriously lacking. I wouldn’t turn down some prayer. Judy

@danybegood1 Yes, I will pray for your appointment tomorrow. Please let us know how it goes. Teresa

@danybegood1 By now your appointment may be over, unless you live in a western state. I hope it went well and that the endo was helpful. I had one I loved but he left the area and now my PCP is handling it — blah.
Your PCP should have gotten back to you, that really is poor that he/she did not. Sounds like my PCP.

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