Finding a diagnosis

Posted by daphne47 @daphne47, Dec 26, 2020

I recently went to a Nephrologist and am going to do a water deprivation test to try and diagnose me.She thinks I may have Diabetes Insipidus. Nephrogenic over Central is suspected, since I have been on LIthium. I'm really worn out and am down. I'm also having trouble with constipation because of all the fluid intake and output. I know online it says this is more of a rare disease, but I'm hoping that someone will notice this and may be able to relate. I'm also concerned that if this is the case, I will have to reduce or stop taking Lithium all together…and medication changes are really hard on me. Trying not to worry, just depressed.

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Hi,daphne47, It can be frustrating waiting for test results and the uncertainty can be anxiety producing. I'm hoping that a diagnosis will be found and that treatment will occur that won't result in your having to change your medication for Lithium. You are so right that medication changes can be difficult. As I age, I'm finding that all sorts of changes become more difficult…smiles Wishing you the best going forward.

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