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Fibrous Dysplasia involving skull bones

Posted by @concernedmother17 in Bones, Joints & Muscles, Feb 23, 2012

My 17 yr old son was just diagnosed with Fibrous Dysplasia involving the base of his skull .The doctor doesn't know for sure that this is what he has, so they want to do a biopsy thru my sons nose go in an take a sample of the bone.I would really love to hear from anyone who has faced this or has heard about Fibrous Dysplasia. Also if a biopsy is the best way to diagnosis this disease.Thank You so much for your help.


Posted by @tonny239, Feb 24, 2012

biopsy , very painfull i,m 39 yr old male diagnosed 2 years ago with fibrous dysplasia progressive on my rib cage and my spine 3 surgery so far and they keep coming back , x-ray , bone scan will show any tumor or bone deformity.
i went thru so much pain and so many test and still feel the same.


Posted by @concernedmother17, Feb 26, 2012

Thanks for replying tonny239.My son hasn't suffered from any painful effects of fibrous dysplasia yet.Have you ever had a biopsy before your surgeries to comfirm that you had this dysplasia? He went to ER for headaches they did CT Scan an MRI an found the abnormality on his skull but The Childrens Hospital said they hadn't seen anything like this before when I researched on internet the imaging I viewed looked like the same as what is on his CT an MRI. Do you know of anyway to get the diagnosis with a biopsy? Thanks for your help.

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