Fibrous Dysplasia in Humerus. My 12 Years son has diagnosed with Fibrous [...]

Posted by SANDHU @jsandhu76, Apr 2, 2015

Fibrous Dysplasia in Humerus.

My 12 Years son has diagnosed with Fibrous Dysplasia in Humerus. ( in the upper arm, located between the elbow joint and the shoulder).Please advice me what to do ??? . Details are given below :

Age : 12 Years.
Sex : Male
Location of FD : Humerus

First diagnosed by-chance while doing chest X-Ray. There was no pain or any deformity from external appearance.
First Diagnosed (Suspected) in X-Ray : July 2012
CT Scan and MRI suggested FD : July 2012
Doctor advised not to do any thing just precaution from fracture as specific bone is weak. : July 2012

After 2 Year :
He got fracture at the same place while playing at school. : October 2014 (After 2 years of FD diagnosis)
Doctor placed brace (A kind of support/POP). Montly follow up with X-Ray
X-Ray showed that lesion size has not enlarged, it remained same as earlier (as July 2012)

After 3 months fracture has healed (bone joined) so brace removed, but X-Ray shows that lesion remained same as such no change.

Present Position :
No pain, No deformity, Nothing visible from external appearance, from external appearance arm seems to be normal.
The only risk is that the bone may fracture again and again as it is very weak due to lesion.

1. One doctor/consultant has suggested us to go for Biopsy + Bone Grafing. According to him Biopsy will confirm the disease and Bone Grafting will support the hollow lesion.

2. Second doctor/consultant has suggested us not to go for Biopsy+Bone Grafting as this bone graft is dissolved in Fibrous Dysplasia . Bone Graft is generally not preferred at this age.

3. Another options discussed are Nailing/Plating/putting rod of bone, but all these will require multiple surgeries as this age is growing age and we have to change Plates/rods with growing bone size.

I am totally confused what should I do at this stage. I shall be highly thankful to you for suggesting me about the problem.

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Have you tried Shriner’s Children’s Hospital? Seems like this would be right up their alley as they are very interested in orthopedic issues.

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