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fibromyalgia, some call it fake pain

Posted by @stargate133sg1 in Just Want to Talk, Jul 4, 2012

Was told by professional, that drs diagnose fibromyalgia to hypochondriacs, because its known as fake pain. I,m really disturbed about this. Is there really such thing as fibromyalgia? All I know is my pain is real, and its something I never asked for!!! Kim

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Posted by @bettyann, Jul 4, 2012

Kim, all you have to do is Google fibromyalgia and you will see that it is NO LONGER what drs think. So whoever this professional is -- needs to do the same thing and get updated on things. This person's thinking is way out of date.
It is TRUE that fibromyalgia is closely connected to the psyche and that a lot of stress and other mental factors can contribute to the pain of fibro. So can poor diet, and the whole scope of how we manage and handle our lives.
However, sometimes we are totally unaware of what triggers an attack of fibro... There have been times when I thought everything was going smoothly, and all of a sudden WHAM...ouch. Over the years mine has gotten SO much better and I have days and weeks in which I am not bothered at all.
If you have been diagnosed with fibro, hopefully your dr is working with you to help you find some relief. I do a LOT more work with supplements than drugs because it helps me the most. It's whatever helps you is right for you. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Good luck to you, Kim.

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Posted by @kristivaneaton, Jul 31, 2012

Kim, it may take a while to find the right doctor, but it is important to find a good doctor that really knows about Fibromayalgia. You may need to see a Rheumatologist. Fibro is definitely real pain and you are not alone. You are not crazy, or a hyprochondriac., or just depressed. The pain you feel is real and help is out there. Keep looking up and my prayers are with you!


Posted by @stargate133sg1, Jul 31, 2012

I want to thank you for your response, you don't know how much it meant to me!


Posted by @stargate133sg1, Dec 14, 2012

Again, I want to thankyou for your support! After years of pain and finding out about fibromyalgia and having family and others think of me as a fake, another problem has occured. I recently had my routine blood work done, and it was determined that I have a thyroid problem. These past two weeks Ive developed serious weakness and tiredness. I am also losing weight.So much has happened, my life is such a rut right now. All I do is cry, anymore! I take each day as it comes. I am currently seeing pain specialist and was put on Morpine extend release, as well as my usuall meds, slowly but surley, seem to be working. Unfortuately, due to the medication and lack of sleep one particular day, I slipped on my moms back porch [ hard ] landed on my tail bone. If its not one thing its another. I ask, so kindly, if you would keep me in your prayers. Ask God to be with my daughter, for she is getting close to her due date [baby boy]. Thanks, with all my heart! Kim


Posted by @redwillow, Aug 7, 2012

I am going through the same thing noone believes this illness is real. I am in severe stages and really need to understand why others thing this is a cope out .I am fighting a up hill battle with this disease help



Posted by @stargate133sg1, Aug 7, 2012

My main problem is my family not believing. My family doesn't even believe in depression . They think I'm crazy. Thank goodness I have my husband's support . I have the best husband in the world!


Posted by @reeree, Dec 11, 2012

I too have a severe case of fibromyalgia. I have been fighting this horrible condition for 3 years. I have been on Lyrica, Cymbalta, Savella and so many combinations that I cannot remember all of them. I understand how frustrating and depressing it is when nothing works and no one can understand unless they have this. I have been taking oxycontin, percocet, requip, doxepine, muscle relaxers for the past 2 years still the pain was horrible. I had to change doctors because my pain management clinic was no longer accepting my insurance and I was devasted, I had to start all over. I went to a new primary care physician and he was not comfortable with prescribing the amount of percocets that I was on which was 2 every 4 hours. I panicked because when I cut them back to 1 every 6 hours I was unable to function at all. I cried all the time from the pain and didn't want to live if I had to live like that. I did some research on the internet looking for anything any answers, I was desperate. I found a dr. that promised results and worked with your physician took the info to my dr. and he bursted my bubble and said that it was more than likely a dr. that was preying on the desperation of patients, a scam. I was heartbroken and broke down in the office. He had prescribed Valium a couple days before and my first thought was that he thought I was a basket case so I didn't get the prescription filled until days later when i couldn't stand it anymore and thought what do I have to lose. I had never been one to take a lot of meds and now I have a bag of them. Anyway I took the first dose and a couple of hours later I was feeling a little better. The next day I took my regular meds in the morning(mornings are horrible) which consisted of 1 oxycontin and 1 percocet within 2 hours I felt like I was a new woman. The pain was still there but was so much less severe I would say on the pain chart I went from a 9 to a 4. I could not believe it. Could this be the answer? I was so afraid to get my hopes up because I had been let down so many times. This is a week now and my pain is still horrible in the morning but I am down to one oxycontin in the morning , 1 percocet in the morning, 6-7 hours later 1 percocet as the pain starts to come back then 1 oxy at 6pm along with the valium. It does make me drowsy but I am assuming that will go away eventually, no muscle relaxers, no doxepine for sleep issues, I still take the requip for restless leg but I am hoping to phase out the majority of the narcotics. I want to tell everyone with this about my story. I feel so stronly that doctors , family no one understands how horrible this is and you feel like no one cares that this has totally ruined your quality of life.I am not quite buying the concept of the messages being sent to the brain and all that. I know that there is a muscle issue involved because if I over do it and use the muscles too much it is so much worse. I think at this point from everything I have read all the research and their answers are all theories. I believe there is the " major factor or cause " that is causing this horrible condition is still to be discovered. So anyway I wanted to share this in hopes that my fibro sisters or brothers may get some relief. , Valium was my answer so far, but I am so afraid that it will stop working . I have suffered for so long that this is almost too good to be true but I am so thankful for these few days I am praying that it continues.

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