Fibromyalgia effects my pupils

Posted by Sandra Hall Vercrouse @sandydreamsbig, Aug 4, 2016

Fibromyalgia, anyone?

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Fibromyalgia with blurred vision as the day progresses and fatigue worsens. Is that what you are referring to?


Fibromyalgia with blurred vision as the day progresses and fatigue worsens. Is that what you are referring to?

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I too experience this daily with my fibromyalgia among so many other issues.

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Hi! I am new here- still unsure of my diagnosis(s), but Fibromyalgia seems to be one. The other most likely seronegative arthritis. Anyone have that also? i started having crippling fatigue and weakness, only on occasion & for 2-3 days at time, accompanied with terrible chills no fever, about 2 years ago. Also, some numbness and tingling in arms, feet hand and a few weird rashes. I used to take off a few days of work every other month and just sleep and rest.
it felt unlike anything else, and i became worried that I had some cancer or something. Gradually the fatigue and weakness became worse, and in the last several months i have spent most of my days on the couch or in bed. Also I have developed terrible muscle pain and weakness. Simple tasks, like getting a cup of coffee, leave me feeling as though I had been lifting weights, and most times I can barely get up a flight of stairs. In addition, I have been having terrible joint pains, that often wake me up at night, finger, wrist, elbows, shoulders & knees. Feet also. In fact I only started seeing a Rheum last summer when my right knee was buckling and I was walking with a cane. What I thought would have been a torn meniscus, turned out to all part of this big mess! After trying a few meds that did not agree with me (plaquenil put me in the hospital with a dangerous rash), I have been on Cymbalta which has seemed to quell much of the muscle aches, tingling & numbness, and recently Sulfasalazine which also seems to be helping somewhat with joint pain. I still can’t do much though…. and if there’s a day I feel a LITTLE energetic and I try some basic activities, I end up paying for it needing to rest for the next 2 days. What is everyone else’s experience??? Thanks!!! 🙂

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I was diagnosed with fibro at Mayo in Rochester April 2016. I feel what you describe. It’s a tough long road that they have encouraged me to go down. Already, I am so glad and in a much better place.

I made periodic visits to my doc with complaints and they never got connected or really resolved. So frustrating because they travel so they are hard to tell s doc about when they’re gone by the time you have your appointment.

I finally was scared when I couldn’t compensate fore cognitive problems and my lack of sleep brought me down the path of frustration and depression.

For me, step 1 was to figure out how to sleep better and establish a non-negotiable routine. Step 2, cut all exercise back to 5 minutes every other day. I progressed from there. I had to get out of denial and buy into establishing a routine.

Diet is key for me as well. I am learning that my lymph system does not function well and focusing on it right that I sleep well and exercise regularly.

I hope I offer some encouragement for you. You can get better. I know people with fibro that forget they have it. We need to persevere.

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