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Fibromyalgia and social isolation

Posted by @lucy123, Feb 15, 2012

I am a 39 yr old woman. I have fibromyalgia and COPD and I live pretty isolated. This disease has taken alot out of me. I have no one to relate to and became part of this community not only to find helpful info. but, in the hopes that I could find some people to relate to who have suffered some of the same set backs that I have. Please, don’t think less of me for complaining but, that’s what I need right now. A place to fall apart. (so to speak) Just looking for somebody to relate. Drop a line if you understand.



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Posted by @jenmilwaukee, Feb 17, 2012

I TOTALLY understand, and I believe many others here have times when they do too. Hang in there! FM does move in cycles and it sounds like you’re at the bottom with everything flaring and you don’t know someone else with FM to talk to. That’s a lot of isolation–I feel the same way! Just know that it’s just a pattern, and although you may not see the light now, it will lighten up. Just hang in. My names Jen – nice to meet you!

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Posted by @susieq1206aolcom, Mar 21, 2012

I also have FM and migraines. Don’t know if they are related? I am always canceling social plans and others just don’t understand. I am a 63 year-old female that retired early from a job I loved. I am at a real low right now, but your letter about cycles really helped me. I know that this is true as I have had this for 20 years! Write me at if you want a friend… Susie


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Posted by @eve13, Aug 27, 2012

Hello. I’m 46 with FM, MIGRAINES, going thru so much!
glad to have join and looking forward to being a part here.
Much blessing to all… U+128591


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Posted by @janasr, Feb 18, 2012

I have fibromyalgia and still trying to work. It is getting very hard to do. Can you give me any advise on filing for disability benefits?


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Posted by @roxie43, Mar 12, 2012

Contact SSI ASAP because the process is lengthy when applying for disability. Also contact a local lawyer because most people are denied the first few attempts to obtain a benefit you’ve earned. The disability lawyers do not charge until you are approved but do this soon because it can take over a year. SSDI has a website and you can apply online.
Take care


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Posted by @janasr, Mar 12, 2012

can i keep working after i file?


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Posted by @anon07307276, Feb 18, 2012

Hi I can relate to that . I do understand the feelings . I’m feeling more more fatigue everyday sometimes it is hard to get up .theres always the end light of the tunnel . I need a hot bath for my pain daily and medication. Doctors advise me to exercise even if it hurts. Things will work out . It’s nice to meet you .God loves us. Take care.

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Posted by @aglassofsherry, Feb 20, 2012

I have Myofascial pain syndrome and I have discovered that these 2 diagnoses are very similar. I am 55 years old and have been suffering with this pain that is very deep throughout my body. I am still trying to work as a RSP teacher and it is getting harder and harder. I have been trying to get better through self Myofascial release exercises using a foam roller and also strengthening exercises and am getting some relief. I have some bad days where the pain is extreme though also. Doctors and physical therapists in my community are unsupportive so I am feeling isolated also. My name is Sherry and I am glad to meet you. God bless!

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Posted by @cofused, Feb 21, 2012

I can relate and I feel the same just need someone to tell my troublesto


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Posted by @redocean, Feb 25, 2012


I read your post and want you to know that first of all-be assured that no one suffering from pain or illness of any sort would think less of you for expressing yourself and looking for companionship. This is not complaining.
I know because I’ve felt the same way too…don’t want to say anything because i was taught not to complain or be a whiner. We HAVE A GOOD REASon to voice out disappointments, our sadness and grief over loss of our health and abilities we formerly enjoyed.
You are not alone and thats not to say in any way that you have no room for complaint ,..

I hope you can find many here who identify with you and want to befriend you because dual diagnosis even single diagnosis of what you have begs social contact and support as well as friendship.

Please have a restful day-maybe some happy music is in order too:)

Dr Carol

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Posted by @drcarol, Mar 26, 2012

Everyone needs support, especially if we are sick. It doesn’t have to be complicated – just finding someone who doesn’t judge you, or who doesn’t tell you to pull yourself together, can be a big help. Those unsympathetic people have probably never been sick. We find support wherever we can – so it’s not necessary to apologize for being normal. It’s good you’ve found this website because you will always find support here.

Have you considered if you might be depressed? Treatment for depression has come a long way these days, and it might help you feel more positive about your life.


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Posted by @china, Mar 29, 2012

I admire your honesty and reaching ougt. We all need to be heard and supported so never be boggled down by negativity. We are all here with similarities and life is not over for you. Faith is important in yourself and Godly things.


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Posted by @shershealth, May 27, 2012

I am just joining looking for some help and answers. I have had fibro since 1999 and am suffering more and more it seems as the years pass on. I need to find some relief so I joined. I am here for you and know that you are not alone. I’ve isolated myself too and it sucks big time.

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