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Fever in my groins

Posted by @eduardo, Sep 6, 2011

It started one year ago, suddenly my groins started to get hot; two month later the heat extended to the perinneal area, it was really uncomfortable, sometimes even painful. After a couple months a sticky secretion did appear in my groins, I don’t need to explain the feeling. Doctors didn’t pay too much attention and, even when the blood tests said I was ok, they gave me creams for fungus or herpes just in case, but nothing worked, what helped me with this secretion was hand sanitazer that I prescribed to myself, after two weeks of using it the secretion went away almost completly, now I use it two or three times a week; I use baby powder aswell, but the heat back and forth producing besides the discomfort, certain amount of stress, and I don’t know what to do because I can’t afford a private doctor. I must say that I am, and I’ve always been a very clean person that take a shower at least once a day, and change my underwear same way. I would appreciate any information leading to clarify this rare symptoms.


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