Fever clinics

Posted by khinmgm8 @khinmgm8, Dec 15, 2020

Are there fever clinics in respinse to covid?

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Iv@khinmgm8 I wonder if you could give more details? Have you heard about fever clinics in your area? We’d love to help but need a few details


@khinmgm8– Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Are you asking if Mayo has fever clinics? If you are experiencing a fever and other symptoms of COVID-19 then you need to call your doctor so that he/she can order a test for you.
Have you been tested for COVID-19?


Hello @khinmgm8 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I understand you are interested in learning if Mayo Clinic has fever clinics.

Currently, there are a variety of ways patients can receive care in order to minimize risk to others. The article below details the different types of appointments and how to go about identifying which is best suited for your need. If an in-person appointment is determined best, all patients are screened prior to being admitted.

-Mayo Clinic: Safe in-person and virtual care:
If you have COVID-19 symptoms and would like to be tested, testing locations vary by city. Can I ask what your main concern is to best help you?

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