Feeling blessed, match for transplant

Posted by shiteh @shiteh, May 27, 2018

Hello everyone
We have been looking for a donor for my kid brother forever. I was due to donate but it didn’t work out so we’ve been working so hard and tearing down barriers trying to look for a living donor since we know its best and has the greatest chances of working and turning his life around. Well the good news is we have three people standing by to donate and one possible match is already feasible. Some tests to be completed today but the doctor says everything looks good. This is a mighty blessing for us and it soothes the pain we’ve been through so far. I love sharing messages of hope because it enhances our resolve to fight on which is what we all need now; The other donors could help someone else in need. Please let us know if you share our situation. thank you

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@shiteh, Good Morning, and Welcome! Thank you for sharing this message of hope and blessings. I send my hope and prayers that your brother will be blessed with his transplant in the near future. I am a liver/kidney recipient(2009) and for me my transplant has been a life changing event.

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While we are waiting to hear from other members who are in your situation. Would you be comfortable in sharing with us? What are some of the "barriers" that you and your family had to overcome to locate potential living donors? What are some ways that you were able to reach out to your family, friends, community?

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