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Feel like I am waiting for death

Posted by @marcia1000, Apr 22, 2012

Hi I am in need of some advice. Since November 2011 I was admitted to a hospital for hypertension emergency. Other symptoms included severe headache, confusion, loss of memory, inability to complete sentences and inability to recognize persons I knew. Since my discharge from the hospital 4 days later I have had the following symptoms: retro orbital pain in both eyes, pain in my forhead, heat in my forhead when I try to concentrate, inability to do simple calculations, pain in my leg muscles, constipation, flatulence – even from drinking water, metalic taste in my mouth. I have had to take leave of absence from work and school. My other functions are ok. I have done lots of tests, most ok, The two that concerns me are the positive ANA and the slowing noted in sections of my brain, The doctor keeps telling me not to worry about it. I have seen 5 doctors so far.



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Posted by @lisakay, May 3, 2012

Alot of your symptoms sound like mine. Have you had your b12 level checked? I have more nerve issues, like numbing and muscle twitching. I was finally diagnosed with a b12 deficiency over a month ago and it does bring on alot of concentration problems, brain fog, extreme fatigue,etc.,

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