Fasting Glucose levels high

Posted by perkman66 @perkman66, Oct 4, 2019

I have been checking my fasting glucose levels and they are around 105 after I do my 3 mile walk in the morning. Internet says prediabetes range. I need to lose 10lbs to be in normal weight range. I work out 4-5 times per week.
Should I be concerned with blood sugar levels this high in morning? I am 63 yr old male.

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First of all, have your A1C level been tested? It should be less than 7%. I was diagnosed the middle of July this year. My A1C was 10.5% and my fasting glucose was 259. I have now lost 20 pounds, have been eating right and counting carbohydrates. I try to stay around 35/meal. I do not do net carbs. I have been walking daily and working in the flower beds and garden. My fasting glucose has been the slowest to come down. Right now it runs between 135 & 145.(I will rejoice when/if mine ever reaches 105) Much better than the 259. My pre/post numbers before meals are all in range. I chose NOT to take any medications and work for awhile on my own to get the numbers down. I will go in at the end of the month to have my A1C checked to see how much it has come down. I really wouldn't worry about your fasting glucose especially if you have not had an A1C taken. My fasting glucose usually runs about 20 points lower after I walk. Let me know how things are doing.


perkman66: I’m not an expert, so I can only speak of my own experience. My advice is simple: keep moving.

I had a death of a close family member and was depressed, and stopped exercising, walking, etc. and wound up with diabetes a few months later. I regret my inactivity, but have kept back on track. I don’t do a tremendous amount, but even just a walk a day makes a difference. I’ve had diabetes now for 18 years and still haven’t had to go on insulin, just pills and Trulicity.

So keep moving, avoid the urge to be a couch potato! I wish you the best.

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