Fast heart rate

Posted by aviatrix55 @aviatrix55, Sep 13, 2018

I have been walking on the treadmill since January 1st except for 10 days after my hysterectomy in July. I have trouble keeping on weight so I only walk 3 miles a week but my time is a 12:30 mile which is considered excellent for a 20 year old male. I am a 65 year old women. I can not get my heart rate down under 100 a rest.

Any one have this problem

Hello @aviatrix55 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect

I appreciate your posting your concern about your heart rate. It is understandable that you would want to understand this. Heart rate problems can cause a lot of anxiety until you know the cause.

It this a new concern for you? Has your heart rate always been fast? You do not mention other health concerns or medications that you might be taking but those are all important factors.

Here is some general information about heart rate from Mayo Clinic's website,

If you click on the link it will help you better understand some of the causes and treatments for a fast heart rate.

Just wondering also: Have you talked with your doctor about this? If not, I would encourage you to do so and to have a cardiac work-up to see if this is normal for you or if it involves a situation that needs to be treated.

Please continue to post I look forward to hearing from you again and getting to know you better.

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