Family Medical Leave Act: Crohn's Disease

Posted by hopex @hopex, Jan 28, 2012

I just graduated from college in August and received a job with my degree in healthcare. Therefore, it’s a new job and you always want to make a great impression. Well, around the beginning of December I started to become very sick and a couple days (only 4) I ended up going home early from work. Every time I did though I at least worked 4-5 hours and found another person to fill in for me. Of course I only left because I was really ill with vomiting and diarrhea. No one wants to be at work when you have those symptoms. I was diagnosed in January with Crohn’s Disease. However, because of going home early because I was sick those couple of day my boss decided to be a jerk and write me up, which I took completely person as a dig at my character. I’m not one to just go home from work for the heck of it. I talked to Human Resources to see if I could get some kind of help as far as the Family Medical Leave Act. They stated I don’t qualify until after a year of employment and there was nothing else I could do. I am still in the flare up so I have to suffer at work and if I even call in once during the next six months I will get written up and then fired. Is this even legal? I feel so mistreated and alone. My boss doesn’t understand and I have even tried to explain it to him but he needs a concrete “plan”. There is no plan as to when I will get better. It’s random. I will feel totally fine and the next hour I could be throwing up and having diarrhea. Someone help!!!!!! This isn’t fair, I’m afraid of losing my job and I just started my career!

I went through the same thing. my employer said I had a shit trail instead of a paper trail. I had doctors notes and had been with the company 12 years. went on fmla and never went back to work. I need a liver transplant also. try not to be so hard on yourself….it will only make your symptoms worse. have you tried humira or remacade? they are stronger meds that you dont take every day. I was doing well on them but had other problems


Same thing happened to me…but I actually got
terminated and I was with them for 7 yrs. My FMLA
time ran out and I was too sick to return to work.

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