Facial Pain - Empty Nose Syndrome

Posted by Bellatrac @bellatrac, Nov 9, 2011

Looking to discuss coping mechanisms/treatment options for atypical facial pain/empty nose syndrome – mine is a result of sinus surgery

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Ok, I had sinus surgery in dec 2020 to clear out my sinuses and he didn't touch the turbinates and I was fine afterwards for months. I then had a copy of botox called botulax injected in my face and the bunny lines this past July and that is when I started having problems! I think I have ENS! Isn't there any medications out there to help with this like gabapentin for neuralgia? I don't don't have any stuffiness, I have pressure and swelling and pain in my nose burning and swelling around my nose. The cold air blowing gives me a headache and has increased my pain. It's constantly bothering me. The esthetician still thinks it's from the botox. She said give it another month but I think I have some nerve damage going on. I sleep fine and I don't feel like I can't breathe so IDK what this is. My nose is tight and swollen inside and outside. My ENT who did my surgery said he sees swelling in my nose and wants me to see a rheumatologist. I just saw a neurologist and did a brain MRI and saw nothing wrong and I'm having an MRA tomorrow. I'm having more blood work done and I'm talking to a rheumatologist tomorrow. I think I did this to myself!! If my turbinates are untouched then what is this?!!! I've been like this over 2 months already! I can't function!

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