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Posted by @hsktuffy in Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat, Apr 26, 2012

Hi all! I have a question. In 1986 I got shingles in my left eye which at the time , I was 29 nobody knew what it was so by the time they figured it out it was full blown blisters on my face, forehead and in my hair. so unfortunely it scard my corena and face. anyway for 7yrs I was treated with eveything you imagane, I almost lost my mind. my question is What if anything can be done for cataracts I now have, also my eyes are very dry , my eye sight is already really bad Ive had glasses since I was 7 yrs old. I now have bifocals and my vission is changeing really fast 8 mounths ago I didnt have cataracts or the dryness I now have. I do use tears all the time now. I am now 53 and I am really not ready to go blind, is there anything that can be done?

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Posted by @powerofpositive, Apr 27, 2012

Have you been tested for Sjogrens? It is just a thought. I have this condition and the intese dry eyes comes and goes for me, feel like sand/boulders are in my eyes at times. I use moisture drops twice a day, increasing this if nessary. If a flare occurs I use Refreash P.M., sensitive, lubricant eye ointment before bed, Maybe you should see specilist about the cateracts soon. Hope you have some improvement.


Posted by @hsktuffy, Apr 28, 2012

Hi! thanks for your reply. no I havent been tested for Sjogrens. to be honest not sure what that is? thanks for your time I apreate any adviice.

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