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Eye issues with type 2

Posted by @snowstar1, Sep 30, 2011

Going for my first eye exam with specialist after finding hemorrhages at my yearly checkup .I have been type2 for 20 years. What should I expect at this 2.5 hour visit?


Nancy MacCorkill

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Posted by @nancymaccorkill, Oct 16, 2011

I had my first encounter with eye problems when one day I felt my reading glasses were not strong enough, bought a stronger pair, two days later bought another stronger pair. When I still had trouble reading, I looked up at the TV and covered my right eye with my hand, no problem there, then I covered my left eye and was shocked to see a huge black splotch in the middle of my right eye. I called the Eye hospital here and they took me within two hours. They told me I was having a ‘wet bleed’ (I had never heard of this) and that I was losing sight in my right eye. They had no cure but were doing a research project using the drug avastin, and if I wanted to join I could. The shots to my eyeball were $100. and no medicare or insurance would cover it because it was research. I took a chance and joined it. The shots are painful ….I won’t lie about that. Right in the eye and you see it coming. I held very still and was scared to pieces, but I am glad I did take it because the drug kills the blood vessells that grow,,,extra ones….and dump the blood into the eye causing blindness. The avastin is painful for a while, and then double vision for a day or more, but it helped the bleed and it is better, although I will always be blind in that spot, the focal point of my right eye. Then (I am in my 70’s) my right eye had a cataract and that had to be removed. That wasn’t too bad after two days, and time when by, ….about 8 months went by and I was having some vision problem in my left eye…..not much…but the doctor discovered I was having a ‘dry bleed’ and the next day I had to have lazer surgery. They deaden the eye, and used the lazer and it was not painful. However it was uncomfortable for a couple of days. Now what……the doctor on a six weeks check up said my right eye had a cataract, that had to be removed, and they did that……..recently after 8months of being OK, using mostly my left eye, I could not read a book. Glasses did not help, in fact they hindered. I could see TV better wtihout the glasses. My eyes had changed…….so back for another eye exam. Dr. said my best chance for the right eye was to remove the tissue behind it, so I had surgery on that…..they deaden your eyeball, so not too painful but the week following was painful. Antibiotic drops and gradually reducing that. I was told early on I had macular degeneration of the eyes, either age related or diabetes caused. I think my was inherited because my Dad couldn’t see to read anything even though he had glasses, now they know to check people at 65 because the age related blindness hits after that. If I had know then, what I know now, perhaps I could have helped my father’s vision problems. His brother, my uncle wen blind before he died. So one way or another, I have macular degeneration. This past two weeks I had two addition operations … each on each eye for cataracts regrowing. I am recuperating now and shouldn’t be on the computer, I guess. I am using magnifying glasses. It is tricky picking them out because too weak or too strong, can mess up your vision for hours after taking off the maginifying glasses. Go for weaker, rather than stronger. It is a problem, I have a pair that is too weak, one that is too strong and the one I am using seems to be good…..for now….who knows what happens next. I am 78, with a personality of 45 and I won’t quit trying. Now, it looks as though back taxes is going to cause foreclosure on my home of 46 years. This depression took what money I had and I have an apartment building sitting empty while I have those utilities to pay. I am science orientated, so don’t have much faith anymore. That leaves me squarely in charge of my own life, and not much faith in heaven. Don’t hate me for being more scientific than religious, time will tell. I hope I am wrong. Hope this helps someone facing these problems. Nancy MacC

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