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Posted by rajan @rajan, Dec 13, 2011

I have started exercises for improving my eye sight. I had bifocal lenses since last 2 years. My numbers were -3.5 and +1. Since I started exercises my +1 has gone completely.

So far as my -3.5 numbers are concerned during exercises and during good sun light I am able to see without glasses for short durations of time.

These exercises caused me cough as well. During exercises lot of water comes from my eyes.

Recently I added another exercise for my lenses (natural). I stand facing the sky 2 feet inside my room facing balcony. After 10 second I move towards balcony without blinking. As more light enters eye due to coming out of room I am not able to keep my eyes open for long durations.

I doing this for 15 to 20 minutes. I blink eyes when where is some fluid in my eyes or after 1 to 2 minutes. I believe this will exercise my eye lenses. When more light enters eye the lens will reduce in size and as I go back in the room and the amount of light entering eye is reduced the lens will enlarge. This should take care of the size problems of lens in next few months.

I do other exercises to strengthen the eye muscles. I stand in front of a wall with a small circle on it. I stand about 12 to 18 inches from the wall. I move back and forth at 10 to 15 second interval without blinking my eyes for 1 to 2 minutes. This causes lot of fluids to come from my eyes. So far this is improving my eye sight. I do not get head aches due to not wearing glasses. I have stopped wearing my glasses since last 1 month. I drive without glasses even at night. There is improvement in seeing lights at night. The vehicles coming from opposite side do not trouble me that much now. So far no accident or even close encounter with accident.

I want to know if there is likely to be some adverse effect of this.

Some one pointed out that this may cause eye dryness. I have struggled with dry eye syndrome for more than 7-8 years earlier. And I know for sure that the dry eye syndrome has completely gone since I started these eye exercises. There is hardly any doubt in my mind about that.

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Your dry eyes is gone after doing these exercises? What type of dry eyes did you have? inflammation related or gland was not producing tears?


Your dry eyes is gone after doing these exercises? What type of dry eyes did you have? inflammation related or gland was not producing tears?

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I do not know the technicalities. I used to fall asleep while driving. It was extremely difficult for me to sit in front of computer after 8 PM
It was very tiring to look at some thing
I tried every thing about tears and all nothing worked
dry eyes means ur bodies water requirement is high.
To reduce body water requirement u have to give up water on alternate days.

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