Extreme dry skin circular "patches"?

Posted by peabody88 @peabody88, Nov 17, 2018

I don't even know how to describe this. For maybe the past month or so, I've noticed suddenly having extremely flaky dry skin on my feet (particularly the right side of my body, if that's even possible). It's honestly been on the low end of my priority list due to a plethora of other more debilitating health issues. Then several days ago, I noticed a "patch" of rough, red and irrirtated looking skin on each hand just slightly above the carpus. Doesn't hurt, doesn't itch, just obviously doesn't seem healthy. Fed up, with both my feet and now this odd hand thing, I went and got a pedicure and a paraffin dip for my hands. Everything looked great for about 2-3 hours! Now suddenly those "patches" on my hands are dry and rough again. I'm baffled, I'm fed up with weird mysterious health issues that no one can diagnose/link together, and exasperated with all the special "health tips" being prescribed by the various specialists that — if I could somehow manage to maintain them all — would get my body to the normal person level. Making an appointment with a new dermatologist is on my to-do list, for many reasons, but anyone have any thoughts on what this could be, and/or suggestions for potential treatment?

I was diagnosed with Keratosis pilaris atrophy as a baby, and still have the Keratosis pilaris-looking bumps on my upper arms. A million other health issues at the moment. A1C is normal though. Receiving treatment for B12 and D deficiencies. Super dry mouth and eyes, currently lips as well, but ANA panel and SS-A and SS-B antibodies negative. The day before I noticed these "patches", the left side of my lip randomly swelled up for about an hour and a half — no idea what that was about either. Anything else, feel free to ask.

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Hi @peabody88. These bouts o dry skin must be, as you mentioned, very frustrating to deal with.

I wanted to share with you this discussion to see if any of the symptoms listed are similar to yours: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/eczema-and-skin-rash/?pg=2#chv4-comment-stream-header

I also wanted to tag fellow Connect members, @gardeningjunkie and @cindylb as they have experience with skin health and may be able to ask you good questions to help you figure out what this is. They also may be able to provide support for you as you search for answers.

You mentioned that finding a new dermatologist is on your to-do list. Have you been able to look into that yet?


Your condition sounds very serious and needs professional help to figure out this puzzle. Skin issues are very confusing and if you do have eczema it comes in at least a dozen or more forms and glad you will be seeing an experienced dermatologist. Also don't settle for just one dermatologist, it has taken multiple different dermatologist to figure out that I have 3 different forms with unique treatments and triggers. I made the mistake for years of not understanding the importance of getting multiple opinions. Many skin issues are the result of allergy's, in fact one of my 3 forms of eczema is allergic based. So besides a dermatologist see an allergist. Yet like you wonder about other diseases causing this like Sjroen's Syndrome, because of the dry mouth and eyes. Things that are unique to one side of the body can be related to the spine or even a stroke and that would be a neurologist who would check that out. You do have a cause and I also personally learned that it is often several issues going on at one time, this of course makes it more difficult to get the right diagnoses. Don't assume your dry mouth and eyes are related to swelling of the skin; they may be unrelated. I so hope you find answers soon.

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