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ann ables

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Extensive bleeding from any little thing

Posted by @annables, Jun 24, 2012

My skin is thin–prob my age 70–If i get a scratch , scrape–blood pours.
I tell my Dr abt this concern–he says platelets are ok. I do not eat
a proper diet at all–No fruits or veggies daily -or weekly –bones are ext. thin
I believe it is a nutrition problem. I rarely eat any red meat–love fish–cant
afford them. Does any one know about tests for vitamin levels?
Or any tests to find what problem may be as far as malnutrition?



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Posted by @piglit, Jun 24, 2012

Hi Ann If you can eat better it will make a difference to the way you feel. There are many good suggestions for meals on the internet that are really simple and easy to make and can be really nutritious as well. I have been searching into the correct things for me to eat due to the high blood pressure and high chloestroll problems that I have been having. A lot of good easy choices and not toexpensive as well. Also as you we all get older the skin does become thinner. If your on a blood thinner will make it more easier to bleed re scratches and cuts etc. You could also ask your dr to take blood tests to see if you have a vitamin deficiency. Take care here if you need me anytime Piglit

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