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Experiencing flare up from ulcertative colitis.

Posted by @andrea1 in Digestive Health, Jul 19, 2011

Any suggesions to get this back in remission?

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Posted by @tractoranne, Jul 22, 2011

I am in the same boat.. with my ulcerative colitis returning. Right now, my symptoms are pretty mild, but still difficult. Besided sticking to blander foods like rice, chicken, lamb, cooked/steamed vegetables and bananas, sometimes food choices seem limited. I plan down time everyday, an hour for just me. And also a day of the week that is dedicated to me to just relax and do what ever I want. Everynow and then I take a weekend to myself, just to sleep, unwind and avoid the commotion and drama of life. Yoga/ Meditation help keep negitive thoughts away and assist with an overall sence of well being. I still try to keep fit by doing non-vigourous activity, swimming, kayaking, riding a bike, light jog. Hopefully some of these ideas help! Hope you are feeling better soon!! Oh, also, probiotics in enema form and oral at your local drug store. I try to stay away from the prescriptions until I don't have a choice.

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Posted by @andrea1, Jul 25, 2011

Thanks for the suggestions! I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 12 years ago. Typically my systems are mild. This is the second "bad' flare up I have had. I do not like to take prescription drugs but am feeling desperate at this point. Have not been able to see a difference in the symtoms with my diet. I have taken the probiotics also. I am very active normally but with this flare-up not much energy due to my blood level being so low... I like the idea of dedicating one day a week for me and relaxing!

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