Excited for the up coming webinar on Stress.

Posted by Dawn, Volunteer Mentor @dawn_giacabazi, Nov 13, 2015

Excited for the up coming webinar on Stress. Hoping for some helpful hints that might help in non holiday situations. 🙂

I’m sure many of the tips and mindfulness practices shared during the webinar can be used in various stressful situations beyond just the holiday season.

Did you sign-up for the webinar? If not, here’s where you can register for free https://connect.mayoclinic.org/event/877?instance=1&year=2015&month=11&day=17&view=

Also, if you have specific questions for Brooke Werneburg and Jamie Friend, Resiliency Specialists and Certified Wellness Coaches, feel free to post them before or during Tuesday’s webinar in the comment window on this page https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/5-ways-to-decrease-stress-during-the-holidays/

See you online on Tuesday.

Great thank you!! Yes i have registered.

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