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excessive eye tearing

Posted by @tregg, Jan 19, 2012

What can I do for this? It’s been going on for years but lately gotten much worse. For some reason if I’m lying down or just being very still the watering will slow or stop but then if I walk around it’s very bad. I usually carry a tissue to blot my eyes. And there is itching too. I’m 63. Maybe winter has something to do with it.

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Posted by @bevtar98, Jan 23, 2012

I was diagnosed a year ago as having dry eye disease. I am 69. Others I know have tearing from alergies. My advice is to check with an opthamologist.

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Posted by @bitsy, Jan 23, 2012

i had a tearing eye for a year, it was a “stone” in the tearduct, like a kidney stone. doc put a rounded probe into my tearduct, turned it a bit and the stone broke up and ended up in my mouth. tiny and gritty. never came back. nice puppy; also 63. good luck.

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Posted by @loveaterrier, Feb 15, 2012

sounds crazy- but when your eyes water- it’s almost always because they are dry- your eyes send a signal to your brain telling them they are dry- and your brain sends an abundance of tears… you can try some over the counter artificial tear drops- many kinds out there- see if that helps- try using them at least a few times a day- every couple of hours. just note- the thicker the tear drops you buy ( gels, etc) the more blurry they will make your vision right after you use them. if you aren’t finding any improvement with this- you might want to see an ophthalmologist to see if you have a blockage in your tear duct.

Kerri Lynn

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Posted by @kerrilynn1, Apr 11, 2012

It sounds to me like you have dry eyes. The excessive tearing is caused because your eyes are producing tears, unfortunately they are reactive tears and they evaporate quickly leaving the eye drier and the cycle continues. The tears you need but don’t have enough of contain lipids or oils. Over the counterartificial tears may help, but make sure you use preservative free drops, celluvisc makes a box of 30 individual vials. They can be re sealed and I can usually get 2-3 applications from each vial. Do not use a vial for more than 24 hours once the seal has been broken. The preservative containing drops can irritate dry eyes. So can bright lights or sunshine, ceiling fans & heat or air conditioning in the car. I have had plugs

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