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Every bite of food gets stuck in my throat

Posted by @dkasher in Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat, Aug 4, 2011

On, January 20, 2011 I had a partial thyroidectomy via the Divinci Robot for nodules on my thyroid.

Since the surgery every bite of food gets stuck in my throat. An esophageal Xray showed that even liquids actually slow down come back up a little, then pass thru. Every bite of food stops in my esophagus. I have to take a drink of liquid to push the food thru. A dry swallow does not work. X-ray confirms that I have approximately a 3cm area of my esophagus that simply does not function anymore. No muscles contracting whatsoever. My surgeons say they, and other local doctors they've consulted, have never seen this condition before.

I had absolutely no problems swallowing prior to this surgery. I can't help but wonder if this is a direct result of my surgery and something gone wrong.

Thoughts anyone??


Posted by @suptech3, Aug 14, 2011

I had my thyroids removed completely last June and I don't have my voice back when I spoke to my surgeon he couldn't tell me when my voice will come back. I have problem swallowing water if I am not carefull I end up coughing. I never had problem swallowing food let alone water. I am like you wondering if this a direct result of my surgery. I am going to see a ENT to find out exactly what is wrong with my voice.


Posted by @dkasher, Aug 16, 2011

A year ago June? Or 2 months ago? If it's been over a year that is very concerning. I've been doing a lot of research. I recently came across some info that I'm going to discuss with my surgeon. You may want ask your doctor about the recurrent laryngeal nerve. This nerve is a branch of the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve runs from your brain to your colon and has various branches. I discovered that the laryngeal nerve is often damaged during thyroid surgery b/c of it's location. It's my understanding, after talking with an acquaintance who is an anthesiologist, that nerves CAN repair themselves but it takes a long time. The only way they cannot repair themselves is if the nerve has been cut. I'm convinced that in my case the vegas nerve was damaged b/c not only can I not project my voice but I can't swallow food without it getting stuck. The vagus nerve is what controls the muscles in your throat. I'd love to hear what your ENT says.

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