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Estrogen/progestin (Birth Control) and hypothyroid?

Posted by @manduwok, Sep 13, 2012

I’m a 29 year old female and have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism; however, leading up until this I have been very healthy and active with no weight problems whatsoever so it comes as a bit of a shock. I started treatment with Armour 3 days ago but am also on a generic form of ortho-tricyclen (I have been for nearly 15 years). I’ve used the pills as Plan B more times than I can count in my life and also used them to push my period back a week right before my wedding in May (which REALLY messed with me… never again!).

I keep reading about the effects of too much estrogen on women, especially regarding interference with thyroid medicine, and I really want to get my thyroid functioning as soon as I can. I’ve gained a little weight but my hypo symptoms are more in my blood tests (TSH of 14 and low T4), my body aches, depression, and period weirdness despite being on the pill. My OB/gyn thinks that the two (BC and hypo) aren’t related and that I should keep on my BC until we determine how the thyroid medicine works to eliminate that variable… my endocrinologist believes the two aren’t related at all… but I have a sneaky suspicion that they are.

Any thoughts? I want to get a second opinion but it appears to be “doctors” versus “everyone else” on this issue. I also don’t want to go off BC after this cycle if it’s going to make my thyroid work even harder to figure out how to produce eggs again. I pretty much feel stuck either way but am thinking that getting off ortho tri-cyclen may be in my future. I just don’t know when.

Please help!



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Posted by @mouser, Sep 15, 2012

I had thyroid cancer. I say go with your gut. If you think that they are related, they probably are. It can’t hurt to try one way and If it doesn’t work, then change it


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Posted by @fernanddia, Oct 28, 2012

The BC will not help with period control, but keep taking it to avoid a pregnancy especially now. Once u control the thyroid issues your symptoms will all improve. Periods will become normal again and then u can plan for a pregnancy.

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