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essential tremor

Posted by @elmerja8 in Brain & Nervous System, Aug 26, 2012

I have essential tremor and it is badly effecting my life. I have stoped working as i am in reall estate and cannot control my handwriting or taking clients to lunch as it embarrassing. Has anyone had successful treatment. I have been prescribed medication but not able to tolerate them as they knock me out. I would like to hear from anyone so affected. Thanks.


Posted by @alexsimon, Aug 29, 2012

Dear Elmerja8 -
Mayo Clinic has some information available at: that can give you some background information that may be helpful.

Also, if you are interested in speaking to a physician about your tremors at Mayo Clinic in FL, AZ or MN, please click on the "Request an Appointment" button on the upper right hand corner of your screen.


Posted by @orval, Sep 3, 2012

Hi elmerja8,

I have et and some other movement disorders. I have seen several doctors, including 2 neurologists. Almost no help at all. They say, "It will get worse, there is no cure, and medications don't work and have bad side effects." Not very helpful, huh? Looking at everything I could find on the internet, I did find a treatment that often does work, but it is scary. It is Deep Brain Stimulation, or DBS. It involves drilling a hole in your head and inserting one or two small wires deep into the brain, and providing electronic controllers to send adjustable weak electrical stimulus signals. They imbed a controller under your skin somewhere and sew you up. You can control strength and frequency yourself or turn it off.

Go to to find more info on movement disorders. Unfortunately they stopped their discussion forum so the guy who had it done and described results was erased.

What I have done - I started taking a course of Tai Chi to help my balance, and it did. I met a woman who is an acupuncturist and started treatment. It has helped a lot, but no cure. I am not shaking right now, but this morning I slopped my coffee, and had a hard time with my knife and fork, so it comes and goes for me.

I hope you can find relief. Ask any questions you wish of me.



Posted by @bbc1855, Nov 2, 2013

Doctor has diagnosed me as having ETS- Essential Tremor Syndrome and I am on meds. I have flare-ups every few months where I get shakey, weak, and feel very woozy in my head. It may last up to a week then ease off and I just have to go through it. I also want to sleep the whole time. When I go through this I try not to pick anything up, scared I may drop it for I have hard jerks in my hands. Mine seems to come when I am under a lot of stress. Does anyone else feel the same?

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