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Essentail Tremors

Posted by @redhead4101 in Brain & Nervous System, Nov 7, 2011

Hi, I am new to all this but am looking for any support group out their who is also going thru what I am. I am 56 yrs young and have been diagnosed with this disability. I am on Primodome. I started out at 100 mgs a day two weeks ago and now am at 200 and will be at 300 shortly. I am petrified!! I have always had the shakes but my mom and my uncle were both diagnosed over 30 - 40 yrs ago with Parkinson's. I just assumed that is what was going on with me. They are both gone now so I cannot ask them things. This medicine makes me feel drugged at times. Also I am dealing with short term memory. Things that I used to do daily now is a struggle. Nothing is coming to me like it used to. This has affected my hands, neck, head and now voice box. I really would like to find a support group to see what others are going thru with this same disorder. Thanks


Posted by @howard3, Nov 10, 2011

Hi Redhead4101, I am not sure this will help or not but, here goes. I used to belong to a patient/staff Advisory group at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland, WA. There was a woman there who had essential tremors and had a surgery that implanted something like a "pacemaker for the brain" as she described it. She had it done at another local hospital, Northwest Hospital (also in Kirkland). She swore by the results, and for the short time I know her you would never know that she ever had a problem.

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Posted by @deliasanderson, Nov 10, 2011

i've never heard of this but thanks for sharing


Posted by @angel404, Jul 11, 2012

Do a search for 'Parkinson's Support Group' and you'll find help. Watch your diet (sugar, alcohol etc make it worse). exercise, lack of dopamine in the brain is a major factor (need to eat foods that increase dopamine level). Look for spport online. I have found many groups and suggestions. Biking is excellent. Need to do NEW things to challenge your brain as much as possible.

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Posted by @redhead4101, Jul 11, 2012

Thanks everyone. I do watch my diet, and I do not drink. Believe it or not but my doctors here have all informed me that due to this gene it my brain it actually makes a person want to drink, it calms the tremors. I never drank til I was in my mid 40's and over the years found myself drinking daily to overcome the tremors. I stopped completely over two yrs ago and now the tremors are worse. I do now though the drinking to calm things is not my answer.

My doctor also has recommend the DPS (deep brain stimulation surgery) which is two probes put in my brain along with the two pacemakers. My case is so severe they can not completely say this will help though with the head, neck, leg and now voice tremors I have occasionally. I am no longer able to work and have started applying for disability, against my wishes but have to do something for income. The surgery scares me to death as I will be awake during 3-4 hours of it while they put the halo on and drill the burrows in my skull and insert the probes. I have panic attacks just thinking about this. I am so scared that I will have an attack or tremor during this procedure that I cannot even think straight on it.

If anyone has any other solutions please advise. I can also be reached at I am in TX but am willing to travel is I can find a surgeon who would agree to put me to sleep atleast thru the halo and drilling. I realize I need to be awake for them to work on it after that for couple hours and then put to sleep again while the pacemakers are implanted. I also need to know this would be ok with our insurance company.

Again thanks for replies, I am willing to try anything......thanks

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