Posted by cmi @cmi, Feb 4, 2021

Supportive Friends, can any members help me with this topic…entering my 3 month of drug cocktail (Azith, Etham & Rifampin) did anyone else have bad esophagitis…that would cause docs to shelve the medication therapy altogether? If so, did you take a break to heal…then resume? If not, did they move on to some other therapy? Please note, I produce no sputum…so samples are not available to culture. Any help is appreciated.

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Regina – I had early problems, but my pulmonologist stopped for one week then resumed. I turned to ginger tea, ginger lozenges and Throat Coat tea to calm things down. I have worse issues with inhalants, so it was worth working through.
Anyone ele?


Thank you Sue…great timing (and encouragement) my ID dr just called…since my liver function labs were good, & my discomfort has gone from 10 down to 5-6…we decided I will attempt the meds tomorrow. Nervous but relieved. Thanks.

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