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Posted by @hiswife in Cancer, Feb 6, 2012

Hi, my husband is recovering from an Esophagectomy with complications and I wanted to know if anyone could tell me what your doctors instructions were after your surgery as to when and how much you could eat or drink. Thanks

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Posted by @ep33504, Apr 4, 2012

Hi I had an endoscopy the 12th of February, 2009. A tumor was spotted on the lower end of esopagus. The following day a CT scan confirmed it. I was refered to a sergeon in Lincoln, NE. and 2 cancer doctors. To make the story shorter I had a series of 28 radiation tx and 3 rounds of chemo. This prior to surgery Mayoso 29, 2009.
The surgery removed a section of the exophagus and relocated my stomach to a vertical........position. as you probably know.
I was told to eat as much as possible to maintain and gain weight. about 6 meals a day. I also received a J-tube and pump...I was fed 3 cans of Jevity at night. I was on the tube feeding until late November of 2010. After the removal of the tube I have lost some weight and now weigh about 140 lbs am about 6' tall. I returned to work in March of 2010 at WalMart as a people greeter and am still working 5 days a week. I still eat just about anything and still can't gain weight but feel great healthwise. I did loose my wife of 49 years this past November. She along with the rest of my family was my greatest support. If I had not had the support of my family and friends it would have been very difficult. You just don't now how much it means until something like this happens. Hope this answers some of your questions JUST DON"T EVER GIVE UP!

Oh by the way I'll be 72 this November.


Posted by @nicolek, Apr 12, 2012

My Dad just was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, Stage 2. He is getting ready for his 1st round of chemo. They say he will need his esophagus removed, plus part or all of his stomach. I am terrified. He is 60. I am sorry to hear about your wife :(. So, the only trouble you're having is not being able to gain weight? Did you have any trouble after surgery? How long till you were able to eat food again?


Posted by @stevekc, Aug 14, 2012

I hope your dad is doing well, I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in Feb 2011. I did the chemo and radiation in March and surgery in May 2011. I have now put weight on and started working full time again in January. I have minimal issues now and feel pretty good. The Mayo Clinic is the best place to be for this cancer, they were awesome


Posted by @nicolek, Aug 14, 2012

Thanks. My Dad is actually doing fairly well... he's had a few bumps in the road. He actually went today for his scope and they didn't have to stretch his esophagus. So today is his first day of liquids, he did good swallowing.
He didn't have to do the radiation, he only did chemo before his surgery. 2 rounds of a week straight each.
He had his surgery on June 14 at Cleveland Clinic. Supposedly Dr. Rice who performed is the best in the country. ? I wanted him to go to Mayo but he did not want to leave home and be away from family.
He's so worried about not being able to go back to work.... He will be 61 next month and had retired 5 yrs ago from the shop that he put 35+ yrs in at and he has been driving short distance truck since...he loves it! And it makes me sad that he might not get to enjoy that anymore. But I am hopeful, especially after reading your post!!
So have you had any issues with food or are you fairly back to normal?


Posted by @stevekc, Aug 15, 2012

Good to hear your dad is doing well. I am as close to normal as I will get. I have to really watch what I eat. If I eat the spicy food, sleep on my side, or eat or drink within an hour of bedtime, I have a rough night. I wake up, burp, and have stomach acid in my throat. It took awhile to adjust to sleep sitting up, I use a wedge pillow and have to sleep on my back.The good news is that the only meds I am on is Prilosec. I have put back on 30 pounds of the 60 I lost, my weight is now where it should be. I am 51 now and was also worried about going to work, I had to recover my strength first, it takes longer than I thought to recover from the surgery. My family Dr says I am still not 100% but doing very well. I was only given a 30 - 35% chance of seeing Christmas last year and am very lucky to be here. I could not have done it without my family, they were there for me all the way.


Posted by @whiteronbellnet, Dec 25, 2012

Hi Steve,
We could use some advice on how to get my husband Ron to gain his weight back after surgery, chemo and radiation due to esophageal cancer. We had the feeding tube for 4 weeks but it caused a lot of pain so we are off it now. What did you eat, how often and did you work out to gain weight back? Much appreciated. Christmas eve 2012. 🙂 Lisa

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