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Posted by @jpat in Cancer, Jun 25, 2012

Interested in hearing of people's experiences in recovering from this procedure. I'm 63 and have just completed chemo and radiation for an esophageal junction cancer, stage 2. The procedure sounds truly gruesome. What's recovery like? What changes to your lifestyles did you have to make? All responses will be appreciated.

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Posted by @lowell, Jul 21, 2012

I had a restriction in the lower part of Esophagos that over years enlarged my esophagos larger than a football. They removed the esophagous and brought my stomach up to my throat, and all is well. I do sleep in a recliner chair as acid is a problem if I lay flat.
the surgery was done in Rochester in 1990 and was very successful. Cancer is a different matter. I had this condition since 1937.


Posted by @jpat, Jul 22, 2012

Thanks -- Glad you're doing well. My surgery will be in August at Yale.

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