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Esophageal Cancer

Posted by @elenipapa in Cancer, Dec 5, 2011

Hi, I am 16 and student in high school. In my anatomy class we are doing a project where we are assigned a disease and for the semester we research, present and write about it. I was assigned esophageal cancer and would like to know if anyone has any stories they wish to share or insight on the subject. I understand that it is a sensitive topic and I am just a student researching, however I would like to know more and would appreciate anything anyone wishes to write me. Thank you.

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Posted by @quepasadavid, Dec 22, 2011

I do not have esophageal cancer yet. but I do have Barrett's Esophagus which is condition just before cancer arrives. Because of this condition I've been hospitalized multiple times. This November I hospitalized again. i went into coma since an infection had developed and my breathing became uncontrollable. There's a whole life story in the years before esophageal cancer. Maybe when cancer comes at least you know the pain will be over soon.


Posted by @elenipapa, Jan 13, 2012

I never knew Barrett's Esophagus to be such a difficult condition, and a potential causer for more severe problems. I will definitely look more into the characteristics before the development of esophageal cancer. Thank you for your input, and I wish you well.


Posted by @toetaprr, Jan 13, 2012

I am a survivor of esophageal cancer. I am 56 years old. I had acid reflux ever since I was 5 years old. My mother always told me I had it because i was a nervous child. It was only treated with a glass of milk at bedtime. Not until later did I start treating it with tums, and than acid blockers. When the acid blockers stopped working I was forced to have an endoscopy done, by than it was to late. I went through chemo, radiation and than the removal of my esophagus. It has been a long road to recovery, and I am now a survivor of 11/2 years. I tell people with acid reflux have a endoscopy done, it is not painful and it just might save your life.


Posted by @elenipapa, Jan 13, 2012

Thank you for your story, that helps add an aspect that I hadn't considered too much. I'm glad you are a survivor of so many years, congratulations. I definitely know what you mean when it was too late, because typically, by the time esophageal cancer is noticed, the stages are too late for a pleasant treatment, but obviously you are a great success story about esophageal problems. Thank you.


Posted by @mac, Feb 26, 2012

thank you for your story i have just been told i have it and will find out more next week when the send me to a new doctor to start with what they have to do


Posted by @jbharvey18, Mar 28, 2012

I am primary caregiver for my sister, age 57, who is suffering from esophageal cancer. She was diagnosed following endoscopy done because she began to experience extreme problems with swallowing. Beyond that symptom, she had none of the known risk factors assocated with this disease, and no cancer in her family history. She underwent surgery to remove 2/3 of her esophagus last June, and cancer recurrance was detected in liver and lung during PET scan in January. I have no previous experience with this disease, but I am really curious to know why six months elapsed between scans following surgery (done in July, 4 weeks post-op) and the next set of scans. . She has been told her condition is incurable, and all she can do is manage it with non-surgical treatments when (not if) it recurs. She is currently preparing to undergo round 3 of a total of 6 rounds of chemotherapy that is causing extreme side effects. Round 2 was so horrible that she truly did not think she would agree to continue on, but she has now decided to do at least one more round, since CT scan done a week ago shows some progress in tumor destruction.

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