Episodes of jerking all over

Posted by tfs @tfs, Oct 15 7:44am

My brother is an 80 yr old who has episodes of his entire body convulsing and jerking. It will last for hours but is stopped with a valium. He has white matter disease, could it be related to that? Dr says it isn't seizures but is unsure what it is. It isn't his nerves, he's an extremely calm, laid back person.

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Did he have a stroke?
Why did he rule out seizures? Was it because of the length and time that he has jerking movements and convulses? That long is rare if it ever happens at all except in some form of status epilepticus, and if that were the case, they would have had him in an induced coma before hours have passed unless it was a form of non-convulsive status epilepticus. I’m just interested in their reasoning since they don’t know what it is.
Does he ever bite his tongue? Get confused or sleep after?
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I have episodes of jerking and twitching that can go on for a while. My neurologist says it is called "Non-Epileptic Seizures". It seems the difference between non-epileptic and epileptic is that with NES there is no loss of consciousness, there is no lack of continence and I can remember the whole episode, even though I am not able to do anything while it is occurring. Valium stops mine also. Either an enema or a shot. I don't let them go on for longer than about 10 minutes as I think it must mess with my brain. Sometimes I can shake my bed several feet. I also have white matter on my brain. I am 70 and these started about 5 years ago.

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