Epileptic seizure vs. Dissociative episode

Posted by tuxedocat91 @tuxedocat91, Feb 3, 2017

I have had epileptic seizures for years, but they were never correctly diagnosed until I was 45. I also have PTSD and dissociate sometimes. My doctors said they are not able to diagnose correctly when I had a severe mental breakdown last summer. I hallucinated in the hospital, and was paranoid. Most of the time I was in a black place, unaware of anything, no memory of most of my stay. Before I retired, I had two severe seizures at work, in front of my colleagues. Once I cracked my head on a door jamb, the next time I fell down a flight of stairs. The next day of the latter one of my kids (I was a teacher of children with multiple disabilities) told me I was screaming “Get off me!” over and over during my seizure.

Does anyone want to join my new discussion and share experiences re. this dilemma? (Epileptic seizures vs. dissociative episode)

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Hi Tuxedocat,
What a great discussion to start. Thank you. I’m tagging a few fellow members who I think might have some experience to add. Please meet @dawn_giacabazi @erinorb @kevinkelley @nessiewolfe and @matermiracle.

Tuxedocat, can you explain a bit more how the dissociative disorder was a barrier to diagnosis of epilepsy?

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